About us

CAPFOR - The people for Successful People Solutions

CAPFOR is first and foremost a group of people sharing the same passion about people and bringing together decades of experience to help your organisation succeed through people solutions and make the world at work a better place.

Our Vision is to Make the World at Work a Happier Place

Our Mission is to Align Human Resources to Strategy in a Qualitative and Quantitative way

CAPFOR has three main areas of expertise:

  • Developing successful strategies through people solutions
  • Hiring the best talents to transform your strategy into reality
  • Managing change and growing your people to achieve shared goals.

Our Team

Our leadership team in Mauritius is comprised of:

Rajesvari Narasingam

Frédéric Romann

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” -Peter Drucker. We can help you. Contact us.