Engagement / Happiness at Work Survey

Unlock the potential of your organisation through happier and more engaged employees

Our Happiness at Work Survey is a quick, easy and affordable tool to take the pulse of your employees. Our approach is to help you listen actively to your employees and shape an engaging happy at work high-performance culture that delivers measurable business results.

Our Happiness at Work Survey is more than another employee survey. It takes a wider approach where more traditional engagement survey focus primarily on the tangible aspects and miss the intangible factors that make an employee tick. Research has found that in the UK 80% of participants in employee surveys say it has made no improvement to their quality of life at work.

Research shows the link between an engaged and happy workforce and improved business performance

Our survey is uniquely grounded in the latest psychological findings and research on engagement and happiness at work. There is more and more evidence through research and practice that what organisations want like high customer satisfaction, innovative products, profitability and growth comes from the most important asset you can nurture– engagement and happiness at work. The engagement metric appears on business scorecards in many organisations as a critical measure of human capital performance

Happiness is more than a by-product. It is a source of success.

  • Happier employees are more productive.
  • Happier employees are healthier people.
  • Happier employees don’t leave as often.

Our Approach: beyond engagement towards greater level of performance

We work with clients who are looking beyond physical well-being or employee commitment to assess the drivers of performance that will make their organisation successful and a great place to work for. The three key drivers are: conducive work environment, engagement and well-being.

The first driver for performance is to create a conducive work environment so that employees are able to do their work efficiently and effectively. Employers must provide at a minimum the right tools and resources, organise the work effectively and a clear direction. Employers must remove barriers to getting work done that can lead to employee frustration and dis-engagement.

Support is not enough to sustain high level of performance over time. The second driver for performance is to build a workplace that enables high level of engagement. It is widely accepted that engaged employees outperform their counterpart and the more engaged employees are the higher the performance for the organisation.

Support and engagement are not enough to sustain high level of performance over time. The third driver for performance is to adopt measures to promote and support well-being in all forms among employees in order to improve productivity, commitment and attendance. A CIPD (2012) report found that “engagement is important for performance but that it is unlikely to be sustainable unless it goes hand in hand with wellbeing”.

To perform at their best employees need a healthy environment that create a state of well-being in which employees can realise their potential, feel respected by their supervisors and colleagues, can cope with the pressure of work, can work productively and fruitfully and feel part of a greater whole. On the contrary we all have come across a situation where you join an organisation and leave a manager.

Well-being and Engagement – Human Capital Indicators

Turnover, Retention and Motivation

The disengaged are four times more likely to leave the organisation than the average employee (CLC, 2008)


Highly engaged staff tend to take approximately half the number of sick days per year compared to low engaged staff.


Gallup reported that those organisations with engagement in the bottom quartile averaged 62% more accidents than those in the top quartile (Gallup, 2006).

Our Methodology

Our methodology to deliver happiness and engage for success is built around the continuous improvement cycle of: Listen, Understand and Change. Listen actively to your employees, Understand their concerns and aspirations and make Change happen for delivering happiness at work.

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