Reward Consulting

Our experienced remuneration consultants can help you develop innovative and practical reward solutions that align your reward programs with your business strategy. Our reward solutions are designed to maximise the reward links between employees and employers in a cost effective way.

We work closely with you at every step of the process to assess, design, and implement reward solutions customized for your organisation needs. We are people focused and proactive to help you achieve your goals.

Job Analysis

Our trained job analysts will help you write job descriptions to clarify what is expected from your people to achieve your goals. Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements. It is a tool to help individuals to grow their potential through Learning and Development strategies and to boost their contribution to the next level through Career Planning strategies.

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Job Evaluation

Our trained job evaluation consultants will help you determine the relative value of jobs in your organisation through a systematic analytical process. It provides a foundation for rewards and talent management programmes. Our approach to job evaluation is transparent based on job contribution to the organisation and easy to understand. It is implemented within a rigorous and defensible process.

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Base Salary Structure

It is crucial to ensure internal fairness and externally competitiveness of pay programs. We create custom base salary structures that combine benchmarking with internal job evaluation. This is the foundation for offering a unique and competitive Employer Value Proposition to motivate employees and attract new talents. We conduct an audit of your current base salary practices and highlight areas for improvement. Effective compensation design balances internal pay equity with external competitiveness

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Salary Benchmarking

Leveraging on the National Remuneration Barometer database allows us to conduct a comparative analysis of your organisation’s current position with the organisations you compete for talents. We identify functions and career levels pay levels or reward practices that are significantly out of alignment with target market rates and practices. You are provided with a detailed summary report of your market position with regards to base salary, guaranteed cash, total cash compensation and total remuneration package.

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Short Term Incentive Plan

We help you design and implement well designed incentive schemes for individual positions and groups of employees to create a conductive environment for enhanced performance and employee engagement.

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Reward Strategy

Our experienced consultants will help you design competitive and cost effective reward strategies to attract, retain and engaged the talent you need to be successful in your business.

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Employee Benefits

Employers are redesigning their employee benefit programs to ensure they are competitive and attractive to their employees while being compliant with the latest development in labour laws.

We help you design and implement well designed employee benefit programs.

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